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Farseeing planning and great development
Brief introduction to poly-silicon project
I. Brief introduction to project company
The strategic investment department and research department of the company have made in-depth analysis of poly-silicon industry development status at home and abroad and carried out detailed demonstration related to market situation, technical status , demand and supply and development of down-stream industries. Based on full understanding of market development trend and development direction of poly-silicon industry, the company has decided seriously to invest in solar energy, electron-grade poly-silicon production line project.
The production line is planned to set up in Shenyang Economic Development Zone, which is a city-level development zone integrating production and research function. The zone gathers open-type economy as its main body and is supported by processing and manufacturing projects. The zone provides a best environment for projects with complete infrastructure, convenient transportation and communication, excellent and high quality management system. Total planned area of the project is 330,000 square meters. Total investment is 700 million USD. The designed production capacity is 6000 tons.  
II Project description   
(1)Description of construction: it is to construct a solar energy, electron-grade poly-silicon production line with annual production capacity of 6000 tons.
(2)Construction condition: the project site is in Shenyang Economic Development Zone which is a good place for investment. The zone not only enjoys convenient transportation, but also provides complete infrastructure such as water and electricity supply, heating system and good communications, satisfying requirements of project construction. Projects in the zone enjoy favorable policies for investment. The project has been in the project list of municipal and provincial economy and trade commission.
(3)Market analysis: At present, research emphasis has been given to reducing consumption of silicon used for solar battery production and increasing photo-electricity conversion efficiency. Silicon accounts for 50% of raw materials used in solar battery production. It is development trend to upgrade the process of polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cell and reduce the cost of silicon materials. The company adopts international advanced process, new equipment and technology to produce solar poly-silicon products, which has strong competitive advantage in the market at home and abroad.
III. Budget estimate and benefit analysis: Total investment is 700 million USD. Annual sale income of 20 billion yuan can be realized when the project is put into production after completion of construction. The estimated investment repayment period is 6 years,include the construction period .  
IV. Cooperation Mode   
Sole investment or technical cooperation

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